About Us

Mission Statement

"The mission of the Warm Ears, Warm Hearts Foundation is to bring the community together to help out fellow humans through kindness and compassion. Warm Ears, Warm Hearts will do all they can to provide warmth to children in need of appropriate winter clothing."

What We Do

The Warm Ears, Warm Hearts Foundation is a Florida based nonprofit dedicated to collecting and giving winter clothing to children in need. Started by one lone high school student, Alejandro Morles launched this foundation at the age of 15.

Hapzly Accredited

Hapzly Certified

Hapzly is leading a movement of businesses, organisations, and consumers around the world who want to share, promote, and enjoy happiness. Warm Ears, Warm Hearts is proud to be one of the first non-profits to join in its mission.


Alejandro Morles

Founder & President

Alejandro Morles | Founder & President

Alejandro Ignacio Morles is a budding philanthropist and high school student. Born on January 10th 2002, Alejandro was always trying to help out those in need. In his freshman year, he was inspired to make a nonprofit to help those in need of warm winter clothing. That's how Warm Ears, Warm Hearts came into being. With the support of his family, he was able to receive a nonprofit status and get to work on Warm Ears, Warm Hearts as its founder and president.

Thomas Mackle


Thomas Mackle | Secretary & Director

Thomas Mackle, born on May 28, 2002, attends Christopher Columbus High School and is a part of numberous of clubs. Being an officer of Key Club, he works with the community in many service events. During his time at Columbus, Thomas became good friends with Alejandro Morles. This led to his involvement in Morles’ non-profit organization, Warm Ears, Warm Hearts. Through this, Thomas is able to further help those in need.

Justin Parrondo


Justin Parrondo | Webmaster

Justin Parrondo, born August 17, 2002, has always wanted to use his talents in software and coding to contribute to help the less fortunate. By teaming up with his fellow classmate and friend Alejandro for Warm Ears, Warm Hearts in creating the new, redesigned website, he is accomplishing just that. He wishes that his work will bring not only a new look, but also continued success to the non-profit.

Marcel Van Hemert

Director of Middle School Volunteers

Marcel van Hemert | Promoter & Historian

Marcel van Hemert, born July 11, 2002, attends Christopher Columbus High School and is a proud member of Warm Ears, Warm Hearts. Marcel has always had a desire to help others in any way he can, and was thrilled to team up with Founder Alejandro Morles and become a part of Warm Ears Warm Hearts’ mission through social media and advertising.

Daniel Luna

Head of Graphic Design

Daniel Luna | Director of Volunteers

Daniel Luna, born July 7, 2002, is a student at Christopher Columbus High School and is the Director of Volunteers for Warm Ears, Warm Hearts. He was approached by Alejandro to manage and assist with the ambassador program, and being good friends with Alejandro, he agreed to help out with the project. He currently assists and manages the ambassador program and continues to have more high schools collecting winter clothes to donate for the northeast.

Guadalupe Diaz

Head of Social Media

Daniel Luna | Director of Volunteers

Guadalupe “Lupi” Diaz, born on December 11, 2001, is a part of the Msgr. Edward Pace Class of 2020. Throughout her time at Pace, she maintained several leadership roles in different extracurricular activities. During her junior year, Lupi befriended Alejandro Morles and learned more about his up-and-coming nonprofit. Later becoming an ambassador, she started a winter clothing drive for Warm Ears, Warm Hearts through her Key Club chapter. Her chapter collected more than 200 pounds of clothes, and through this, Lupi exhibited both leadership and service for her friend and those in need.