About Us

Mission Statement

"The mission of the Warm Ears, Warm Hearts Foundation is to bring the community together to help out fellow humans through kindness and compassion. Warm Ears, Warm Hearts will do all they can to provide warmth to children in need of appropriate winter clothing."

What We Do

The Warm Ears, Warm Hearts Foundation is a Florida based nonprofit dedicated to collecting and giving winter clothing to children in need. Started by one lone high school student, Alejandro Morles launched this foundation at the age of 15.

Hapzly Accredited

Hapzly Certified

Hapzly is leading a movement of businesses, organizations, and consumers around the world who want to share, promote, and enjoy happiness. Warm Ears, Warm Hearts is proud to be one of the first non-profits to join in its mission.

GuideStar 2020 Platinum Seal

WEWH earned a 2020 Platinum Seal by adding information to our Nonprofit Profile on GuideStar. This is our second year being honored with a Platinum award. By sharing these important metrics, we’re helping the sector move beyond simplistic financial ratios to assess nonprofit progress.

We chose to display quantitative information to represent how hard is working toward achieving our mission. We’re proud to have earned a Platinum Seal to share our full and complete story with the world.

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GuideStar Seal of Transparency 2020